Houseplants Growing Tips

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As you all know, I'm city livin' without a yard. Therefore all my gardening passion/efforts are going into my potted plants. It's quite satisfying to cultivate them and watch them grow. They give back in cleaner air, happier environment, as well as a calming effect. I love my plants so much I name them and talk to them on their watering schedule. I think they like it, as it reminds me to tend to them, and in the past eight months these guys have really thrived!

I love houseplants so much that I've partnered with Flora in Nashville to create this Houseplant Tip-sheet, showcasing my drawings and what I've learned about each plant so far. Kate and Kerbie of Flora are selling plants through pop-up shops around Nashville, TN in an adorable hand painted teardrop trailer! Check the calendar on their site to find their next location and get yourself a little Audrey of Frederick of your very own!

Hope you enjoyed my drawings and tips! Happy Growing! XO Gina