Adventures in growing a Fiddle-leaf Fig Tree

workspace, Home DecorGina HousemanComment

Meet Maxwell. He is my new Fiddle-leaf Fig tree. I bought him from Hirt's Gardens at a small size and am excited to watch him grow. Maxwell cost $10, arriving at 4". I let him hangout on the windowsill next to my desk for 4 days in his original pot so as not to stress him out with too many changes at once. After 4 days and no change, I put him in a pot he could grow into, as I've read that in the right conditions Fiddle-leaf Figs can grow quite rapidly. However,  I did buy him in winter, so I may need to wait until Spring to see any changes. Either way, I'm glad he is here and already adding to the health and environment of my home office. I received a few snickers from some black thumbed friends about naming him, and all the other plants, but it's known that talking to your plants helps them grow. Even it that's anecdotal, it amuses me and that's reason enough! Stay tuned for more on Maxwell.